Matches API

Matches Endpoint

The Matches endpoint returns a list of matches taking place at a specified date or in a date range.
It can be also filtered to return matches belonging to a certain competition or a certain team. When no parameters are provided, the endpoint returns live matches (kick-off time in the last 4 hours or in the next one hour).

Available data:

  • id: Unique match id can be used also in the commentaries endpoint
  • comp_id: Competition id
  • formatted_date: Match date in format
  • season: Season of the competition
  • week: Week/round of the competition
  • venue: Name of the match venue
  • venue_id: id of the venue
  • venue_city: Venue city
  • status: Match status. Shows the match time before the start of the match or the timer during the match. Can also be “Postp.” for postponed matches, “Cancl.” for cancelled matches, “Awarded”, “Pen.” for penalty shotouts. “AET” for after extra time. “HT” for half-time. “FT” for full-time. “ET” for extra-time. “Aban.” For abandoned.
  • timer: Match timer. Displays the minutes of the match
  • time: Scheduled match kick-off time
  • localteam_id: Local team id
  • localteam_name: Local team name
  • localteam_score: Local team score
  • visitorteam_id: Visitor team id
  • visitorteam_name: Visitor team name
  • visitorteam_score: Visitor team score
  • ht_score: Half-time score
  • ft_score: Full-time score
  • et_score: Extra-time score
  • penalty_local: Penalties of the local team
  • penalty_visitor: Penalties of the visitor team
  • events is an array of the match events including goals, yellow and red cards, substitutions and penalties.

Each event includes the following data types:

  • id: Event id
  • type: Event type, Can be goal, yellowcard, yellowred, redcard or pen miss
  • minute: Time of the event
  • extra_min: Extra time if any
  • team: Id of the team
  • player: Player’s name
  • player_id: Player’s id
  • assist: Name of the assist player
  • assist_id: id of the assist player
  • result: Result after the event

Try this endpoint in the live-documentation here