Standings API

Standings Endpoint

Returns the standing table for a given competition.

Available Data:

  • comp_id: Competition id
  • season: Competition Season
  • round: Round or week of the season
  • stage_id: Stage of the season
  • comp_group: Group name
  • country: Team countr
  • team_id: Team id
  • team_name: Team Name
  • status: Team ranking compared to last round. Can be same, up or down
  • recent_form: Results of the most recent matches in the competition “W” is Win, “D” is Draw and “L” is Loss
  • position: Team’s ranking in the table
  • overall_gp: Overall games played
  • overall_w: Overall wins
  • overall_d: Overall draws
  • overall_l: Overall losses
  • overall_gs: Overall goals scored
  • overall_ga: Overall goals accepted
  • home_gp: Home games played
  • home_w: Home wins
  • home_d: Home draws
  • home_l: Home losses
  • home_gs: Home goals scored
  • home_ga: Home goals accepted
  • away_gp: Away games played
  • away_w: Away wins
  • away_d: Away draws
  • away_l: Away losses
  • away_gs: Away goals scored
  • away_ga: Away goals accepted
  • gd: Goals difference
  • points: Points collected
  • description: Description of the current position and consequences if the team stays in the current position till the end of the league