API v2.0 Beta Ready for Testing

January 9, 2016

Faster, nicer, more data!
We have been working hard to polish our v2.0 API. We have released it for beta testing last year but now we have completely re-written it from scratch. The new API provides match faster responses and better organization of the data. We have improved our current endpoints, add a few more and improved the servers infrastructure. Although the work is not 100% done, we would like to share with you now our beta testing version before it goes public for production and replace our current API.
The new API has a much more comprehensive documentation and testing tools. It provides better error codes and we removed some of the clutter in the old API. Here is a list of the most important changes and features:

  • Faster response time.
  • Better error handling with clear codes and messages.
  • “today” and “fixtures” endpoints are merged in “matches” endpoint. By default, it returns live matches which is faster than returning all matches of the day.
  • Fixtures of the whole season instead of fixtures for the upcoming 7 days only.
  • New endpoint “team” returning team profile.
  • New endpoint “player” returning player profile.
  • CORS support
  • A better organization of the commentaries endpoint. Solving many issues with the data presentation.

The new API is planned to be in the Beta phase till the end of March. Afterwards, it will replace the current API. The current API will still work in a transition phase of 9 months.

We are very excited about having the new API in production. Please feel free to tinker with the documentation on this link:


It gives access similar to the data in the Premium football package. However, please remember that this API is still in beta testing phase and not suitable for production purposes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any idea to improve the service or notice a bug in the v2.0.

Update (11.01.2016): If you would like to have your own API key to test the new API from your server, contact us here!

Happy coding,

Football-API Team