A new API version 3 BETA

December 2, 2019


We are very happy to announce the new version of the API: v3. We have completely re-written the API and moved to the AWS Amazon infrastructure which allows for a better scalability and significantly reduces performance issues. The new version is now available for testing and should be fully accessible for the next season. The data structure is mostly the same, but the performance should be much more stable and reliable.

The current version 2 will be further supported, however, it is scheduled to be deprecated by the end of 2020.
To have access to the new Beta version 3, go to your account area and request an API Key. You will be able to use the new API with the same membership level you have in version 2. However, the available requests quote is separate for each API version.
You also have the possibility to check the interactive documentation on our website.
We are very excited about rolling the new API version and would be happy to receive your feedback.

Football-API Team